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Round Rose Red Sequin Shimmer Wall

Round Rose Red Sequin Shimmer Wall

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How many panels do you need?

4 ft by 3 ft = 12 panels

6 ft by 4 ft = 24 panels 

6 ft by 6 ft = 36 panels 

8 ft by 6 ft = 48 panels

7 ft by 7 ft = 49 panels  

10 ft by 6 ft = 60 panels

8 ft by 8 ft = 64 panels 

8 ft by 9 ft= 72 panels 

7 ft by 12 ft= 84 panels 

8 ft by 12 ft = 96 panels 

12 ft by 9 ft =108 panels 

10 ft by 12 ft = 120 panels 

 About PET Sequin Wall Panel  

* EASY-TO-INSTALL: Our shimmer backdrop wall decorative panels are super easy to set-up and hassle-free. Each panel comes

pre-assembled, all you have to do is configure your shape and simply mount it wherever you wish. Assembly materials are included.
* LONG LASTING: Our shimmer wall panels are made of incredibly durable polymeric material and a non-toxic coating to stand the test of time, indoors or outdoors, without losing shine or reflectivity.

* REUSEABLE: Offering ZERO discoloration, scraping, or peeling, our shimmer wall panels can be reused over and over again. We only offer party supplies that last!
 About PET Sequin Panel  Backboard
* The backboard of our sequins is made of transparent acrylic material, which is strong and durable. There are buckles between each backboard, to facilitate the connection the backboard. 

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